Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches (JMSSSR)

About the Journal :

The Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches is issued quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies (SIATS), it is considered valuable achievement for SIATS institute to establish this journal in order to serve the issues of nations and human society’s. The journal contributes significantly in research and development through publishing distinguished researchers according to the scientific publishing standards. The journal is an outcome of collaborations between a distinguished community of leading academics and researchers from Arabic, Islamic and Western world.

Journal Goals
  • To encourage the scientific research in the Arabic and Islamic universities, as well to provide the opportunity for researchers to publish their scientific researchers.
  • To contribute in producing continuous and specialized researchers in the areas of media, communication, and social sciences.
  • Encouraging the creative researches and competition between researchers which will contribute to improve the researcher’s skills and researcher’s


The purpose of this study is to investigate the using of electronic means communication in e-learning. The study was guided by research questions. Furthermore; the main significant goal was enhanced their own learning, developing communicative competence as well as develop cognitive abilities for students and also for reduce burden on schools, faculties and institutions. Moreover, it presents several definitions of e-learning, advantage and challenges of e-learning. This study definitely depends on questionnaire instrument to gathering the required data. The participants of the study were 100 Students who use information techniques in electronic learning in College of Mass Media at al-Iraqia University. Based on the findings the researcher has found out that, e-learning helped students to develop the cognitive ability among the students through informing them of the wide world in which they live and to come to learn certain information in the educational institutions. Results have also showed the various means of communication that have an important role in the promotion of knowledge. Information has also generated many ideas that help them to take advantage from the available topics to become a helpful element.