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The Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches is issued quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies (SIATS), it is considered valuable achievement for SIATS institute to establish this journal in order to serve the issues of nations and human society’s. The journal contributes significantly in research and development through publishing distinguished researchers according to the scientific publishing standards. The journal is an outcome of collaborations between a distinguished community of leading academics and researchers from Arabic, Islamic and Western world.

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  • To encourage the scientific research in the Arabic and Islamic universities, as well to provide the opportunity for researchers to publish their scientific researchers.
  • To contribute in producing continuous and specialized researchers in the areas of media, communication, and social sciences.
  • Encouraging the creative researches and competition between researchers which will contribute to improve the researcher’s skills and researcher’s


The study aimed to identify the way the Iraqi electronic media dealt with the issue of the US elections in 2016, through acknowledging the degree of interest by the Iraqi websites to this subject, and the media frameworks and the mechanisms that was adopted by the websites in the research sample, and uncovering the trends of these sites in handling the elections.
The study is content analysis within the descriptive style, the study sample included three Web sites Iraqi They (Iraqi Media Network, Al Sharqiya, and Rudaw), The study concluded that Rudaw web site was more interested in covering the US elections, while Al Sharqiya had less interest, and the results showed that all three websites had used news template more than other template, and the results revealed that the US elections topic was the most dealt with by all Iraqi websites, and the neutral trend was the dominant way in handling with the issue by the three sites, the results also showed the weakness in the framework mechanisms by the websites in the study sample, and in regards to sourcing the information material, Rudaw network was the least dependent on anonymous sources which made it the most committed to professional standards compared to Iraqi Media Network and Al Sharqiya News.