Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches (JMSSSR)

About the Journal :

The Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches is issued quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies (SIATS), it is considered valuable achievement for SIATS institute to establish this journal in order to serve the issues of nations and human society’s. The journal contributes significantly in research and development through publishing distinguished researchers according to the scientific publishing standards. The journal is an outcome of collaborations between a distinguished community of leading academics and researchers from Arabic, Islamic and Western world.

Journal Goals
  • To encourage the scientific research in the Arabic and Islamic universities, as well to provide the opportunity for researchers to publish their scientific researchers.
  • To contribute in producing continuous and specialized researchers in the areas of media, communication, and social sciences.
  • Encouraging the creative researches and competition between researchers which will contribute to improve the researcher’s skills and researcher’s


This research deals with the issue of media disinformation practiced by political elites from a Qur'anic-Mass communication perspectives. The study begins with key definitions of "media disinformation" and "political elites" and then offers a comprehensive presentation about political propaganda, rumors and their danger at the individual as well as societal levels, and ways of confronting them as presented by the Quran and contemporary media. The study also examines the relationship between rumor on the one hand and media misinformation and political propaganda on the other within the framework of the community values system that Islam seeks and urges its followers to investigate and comply with in all aspects of life and within the framework of the ethics of the Qur'an in dealing with such type of systematic psychological warfare.

this study adopts the Analytical and Historical methods. One of the most important findings of this study is that the political elites control various media, in order to distract the people from their fateful issues, use some methods and mechanisms, the most important among them are the method of pretending to love the masses and observing their interests This is done through collaborated mass media that brainwash the targeted masses. Ready-made ideas, or emotional excitement, by adopting a triad; fomenting hidden feelings, fomenting misguided religious zeal, and fueling a biased national spirit. The research also concluded that the Holy Quran always urges Muslims to always remain mindful and careful, so as not to be fooled by methods of disinformation and deception, and falls prey to propaganda and policies of deliberate disruption and confusion.

Keywords: Misinformation, Media, Political elites, Quran, Propaganda