Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches (JMSSSR)

About the Journal :

The Journal of Media and Social Studies for Specialized Researches is issued quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies (SIATS), it is considered valuable achievement for SIATS institute to establish this journal in order to serve the issues of nations and human society’s. The journal contributes significantly in research and development through publishing distinguished researchers according to the scientific publishing standards. The journal is an outcome of collaborations between a distinguished community of leading academics and researchers from Arabic, Islamic and Western world.

Journal Goals
  • To encourage the scientific research in the Arabic and Islamic universities, as well to provide the opportunity for researchers to publish their scientific researchers.
  • To contribute in producing continuous and specialized researchers in the areas of media, communication, and social sciences.
  • Encouraging the creative researches and competition between researchers which will contribute to improve the researcher’s skills and researcher’s


 The paper will focus on studying the status of identity and individual and collective cultural specificities within virtual communities (virtual communities: communities  formed by individual and collective engagement in the Internet and its new applications, and use it as the face of social contemporary communities), in its general global perspective, as well as its local and national perspectives (our identity, and our Arab and Islamic cultural specificities). The study concluded that the unprecedented process of engagement in the technology communities and their tools brought up collective and social discussions about identities, their components, their sustainability and their persistence in resisting the processes of profiling or embalming. They oscillate between those who foreshadow major and radical transformations, Which greatly contributed to the deepening of the gap between the elements of identity, by the deconstructive nature of the contemporary modernist vision directed at the cosmic context, and by those who reduce the impact of technology and societies The virtual identities, and it believes that there is a great exaggeration considering the Internet a major factor in making contemporary identity.


Keywords:The Internet, virtual communities, identity, cultural specificities, new media tools.