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Abstract: American propaganda adopted from its inception methods of psychological influence on the enemy and friend at the same time, and its methods differed in the exercise of psychological influence to create influence on peoples

And when you follow the newsletter with all its arts, we find it not without propaganda influence, whether in the news, report or news analysis, but even its news investigations or statements, which are not without propaganda methods, and the Iranian nuclear program has represented the focus of the channel’s attention and provided him with space from the time of its news publication as one of the most important The files that must be resolved before the next American elections and the formation of a pressure card on Iran to sit at the dialogue table to conclude a new agreement. It is also a threat and a message to Arab countries not to think about using nuclear energy.

The study starts from a major question: What are the most important American propaganda contents in Al-Hurra channel regarding the Iranian nuclear file? It aims to get acquainted with those American propaganda contents regarding the Iranian nuclear file, and to identify the propaganda contents covered by the American Al Hurra channel regarding the Iranian nuclear file.

The research is descriptive research and adopted the survey method (content survey) in both descriptive and analytical aspects, and followed the method of quantitative content analysis in order to extract indicators that achieve the objectives of the research.

As for the research sample, it was based on a comprehensive inventory method for the main news bulletins in the American Al Hurra channel for the period from (1/5/2018 - 10/31/2018) and it included (217) news, based on the two tools of observation and an analysis form, and one of the most important results reached The research: The American Al Hurra channel worked in its propaganda issues to inflame the Arab region and the world against Iran, which gives legitimacy to the United States to form an international coalition led by it to deter Iran and stop its bad activities according to their description, to push Iran to make concessions and enter new negotiations on its nuclear program, Al Hurra focused on its propaganda However, Iran's pursuit of developing its nuclear program leads to a threat to the security of Israel and the region, stressing that the American administration will not allow any Islamic regime to possess nuclear energy because by possessing nuclear energy it will become a force in the interests of developed countries and thus obstruct US interests in the region.

Keywords: propaganda - propaganda content - American propaganda - international satellite channels - the Iranian nuclear file