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The study  aims to know the mental image of integrity commission among the Iraqi public and determine the nature of this image whether this image is (negative or positive),by considering this image plays an important role in the motivation of public towards these institutions, then access to an effective connection between the institutions and society, this study also aimed to know the sources of  configuration of this image among the public , as well as knowing the statistical differences upon this mental image of integrity commission among the individuals depending on variables of (gender, academic achievement, profession, age and residence area).

For   sake of the aims of the   study  , researcher start to use the  surveying procedure while she used the  standard  as a tool of research   when  the researcher built a standard for the intellectual picture of the fairness corps  on the base of what was obtained from the theoretical study  . And take the awareness of previous studies which related to the same subject. the   scale consist of (43) items which is represent two  types positive and negative for the  three component of    intellectual picture

(Behaviorism, emotionalism and cognitive)

With three alternatives for answer (I agree, not sure, and not agree with).

 Whereas   the   place of the study was Baghdad city where the people were asked to know the intellectual picture of fairness corps in their minds. The sample of study represent (500) persons of both sex whom had been chosen randomly from the two sides of Baghdad Al-karkh and Al-Rusafa.

The important results of this study which recognized by the researcher are 

1-There was a negative picture for the fairness corps in the mind of examined persons because they see that fairness corps affected by the political situation, government press,regional and international press when   operate is duties

2-The examined persons believed that the religious factors, sectarian belongings and racial belongings had a great role in the work of fairness corps 

3-The greater parts of the examined persons see that the efforts of fairness corps are inactive to stop the corruptions.

4-most of examined persons believed that the fairness corps involved with financial and managerial corruption activities and it had doubtful deals with corrupt persons 

5-the examined persons believed that the fairness corps do not assist the fellow citizens in order to struggle the corruption and the corps do not pursue the services of government   establishment and discover   its failure

Keywords: The image -- The institutions combating corruption – corruption-public - Integrity Commission